Information for resellers

Information for resellers

Thanks for your interest in reselling Shrig Shop products.

We offer wholesale prices on a wide range of items from our shop. These include clothing, tote bags, keyrings and accessories as well as certain high-end  items such as our limited edition teapot and rug. Please email us for a line sheet at

For posters, postcards and other items not listed here, you are welcome to buy products from our website at the retail price. If you are based outside the EU, the price you pay will have 20% deducted, as you are not liable for European VAT. However you may need to pay customs charges and import duties when the goods arrive in your country.

Selling Posters
With regards to posters, we have a specific set of terms and conditions that we ask resellers to agree and adhere to, as follows.

Price: The maximum price that posters can be sold for is as follows:

  • Unlimited editions: €75 each (including local taxes), unframed. This is equivalent to approximately 80 USD and 65 GBP
  • Limited editions: €80 each (including local taxes), unframed. This is equivalent to approximately 85 USD and 70 GBP

Framing: If you wish to offer the posters framed then you must also offer them unframed, so customers can transparently see the price for both the poster and frame.

Description/Listings: Shrig Shop posters must be described accurately so customers can make an informed choice about them:

  • posters must always be described as “posters” in all communication and product information, never as “prints”
  • posters must always be listed as "open edition” - “unknown edition” is not acceptable
  • posters must always be listed as “ published by Shrig Shop"

Please email us if you'd like to become one of our approved resellers and we can take you through the process:

Sellers who sell posters without agreeing and adhering to the terms and conditions will be blacklisted.